Boilies - Simple Ways to Get The Most Out Of Boilies

Boilies - Simple Ways to Get The Most Out Of Boilies

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The boilie is just a mixture of many powdered foods (the base mix) mixed with eggs and fish ‘attractors’ to make a paste that can then be rolled into small balls. These paste balls are boiled for a few minutes, during which time the egg in the paste cooks, resulting in firm baits that are better at resisting the interest of smaller fish species, but which are quickly chewed up by the carp’s throat (pharyngeal) teeth. The larger the bait, the more selective the bait will be in most cases. If you make your own baits, you can easily do this by simply using a bigger diameter rolling table to make boilies up to 24mm in diameter.

These days there is a wide range of colors, shapes, flavors, and sizes available at a boilie shop. All of which offer the angler baits packed with attraction to stimulate the fish into feeding them. They are also intended to be highly nutritious to the fish, making them beneficial for the carp's health and more efficient as a source of food. As such, the fish will develop increasingly more conscious of the bait over time as they eat more and more of it.

The most common shape is a sphere because it allows accurate baiting with throwing sticks and catapults. Excellent round baits tend to fly straighter, particularly with throwing sticks that spin the bait as they are stimulated and thrown out into the lake. Fortunately, this shape of bait also works remarkably well with modern rigs. In fact, regarding the way perfectly round baits remain on the hair rig and the way that baited rigs land on the lake bed, there is a slight doubt that there are clear benefits to perfectly round boilies. If the bait twists or turns on the hair, it won’t differ in its position near to the hook.

If the fish in your waters have been pressured (i.e. fished for a long time by many anglers), then changing the size and shape of the bait may catch the fish off guard. In this case, you can use smaller or bigger baits than those generally used by other anglers on your venue. To change the shape, a good idea is to try ejecting the sausage with a bait gun, then boil and chop it up into dishes or tubes that provide more flavors to flood out.

Convenience apart, many anglers enjoy the sense of fulfillment of having caught carp on baits they have created and made from scratch. There is a lot of information on the internet and magazines to give the beginner an excellent grounding to start in the world of bait making.

How to Use
Either use the boilies directly out of the bag when frozen or rehydrate air-dried baits in some lake water for a few hours before to reactivate the active ingredients. Some anglers take this chance to boost the attractors in the bait by adding additives in the water to compensate for attractors that may have evaporated during drying. Make sure to keep levels low as too much flavor will not help the bait either.
karper boilies are one of the most versatile carp fishing baits and are used with significant effects worldwide. They are dough balls made with different features, and every one of them is specific for a particular situation. Boilies offer countless possibilities for taste and color mixtures and can easily be bought in a boilie shop.

Scopex boilies has been around for years now, apparently since the origin of the boilie itself, and remains one of the greatest carp-bait flavours of all time. Scopex is full of carefully tailored attractors and sweeteners. Highly visible, creamy and sweet, this bait is an instant hit everywhere it goes.

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